Great Britain

Alexander Towing Co

Andrew Weir Shipping / Bank Line

AWSR Shipping Ltd

Blue Star Line

British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd

British Petroleum Shipping Ltd

British Railways

British Transport Commission

CAM Shipping

Canadian Pacific Steamships

Clan Line

Cunard White Star Ltd

David MacBrayne Ltd

Elder Dempster Lines

Elder & Fyffes Shipping Ltd

Alfred Holt & Co

Holyhead Towing Co Ltd

Hudson Steamship Co

Mayflower Energy Ltd

New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd

Norfolk Line

North Sea Ferries Ltd

North Star Shipping

Orient Steam Navigation Co Ltd

Pacific Steam Navigation Co Ltd

P&O Ferries Ltd

Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co

Royal Mail Lines Ltd

St. Helena Line Ltd

Sally Line

Scottish Ore Carriers Ltd

Serco Denholm

Shaw, Savill & Albion Co Ltd

Shell Tankers Ltd

Silverton Services

South Coast Shipping

Southampton City Council

Star Reefers

Stephenson Clarke

Strick Line Ltd


The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co Ltd

Union Steamship Co of New Zealand Ltd


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